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MATLAB mode function

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    Hi, im a bit confusing on the mode function in MATLAB. I have look throught some books and say we can use mode function to find "the most show up value" and "show up how many times". For example :
    r =

    2 2 3
    3 3 3
    4 2 1

    the most show up value is 3 and it shows up 4 times. The mode function will be mode(3,4)??How can i use it in .m file? Like i have "r" and now i wanna use mode function to find the 3 and 4??Is there any example for that? coz lots of books just discrible what is mode function and didnt say how to use. Could anyone give me a hand on this?

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    In addition to what I said in your other thread, the online documentation has a great number of examples. For instance, for the mode command:

    As per the link above, when you have a matrix, the mode command finds the most frequently-occurring (not 'showed-up') values in every column. If you wanted to find the most frequently-occurring value in the entire matrix, you need to turn the matrix into a single row or column vector using reshape:
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