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MATLAB Multidimensional Array

  1. Sep 1, 2009 #1

    I'd like to access a column of values from the 4th dimension of a 4D Double array in MATLAB and then save them to a new matrix.

    For example:

    A = rand(3,3,3,3);

    gives me:

    ans(:,:,1,1) =

    ans(:,:,1,2) =

    ans(:,:,1,3) =

    I want to create a new matrix, B, with those values but specifying B = A(1,1,1,:) results in the same output above. I want a vector in this form:


    Thank you!
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    Your use of the colon operator is incorrect. See the Matlab docs on this subject for an explanation of how to subscript an array in the way you want.
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    Just put squeeze in front.

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    Thanks, Matonski. Squeeze does the trick!
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