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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
Hi, I'm trying to simulate an electrostatic craft going from low earth orbit to a geostationary orbit, but I'm having some trouble with matlab. I'm not the most confident programmer at the best of times, but needs must and so I've given it a go. As far as I can tell my syntax is correct, but I can't seem to get the correct outputs. The main aim that I have is to get the program to produce a plot of the spiral orbit, but it isn't playing ball.

Basically I think I've been staring at the code for too long and can't see where I'm going wrong, so some help would be greatly appreciated.


2. Relevant equations

3. The attempt at a solution

I've included the 3 files that I'm using, the main file being LEO-GEO orbit xfer

If anyone can suggest any tweaks or things that I'm missing that would be great, also, the code is supposed to ask me to input a value for the thrust, but I never seem to get a prompt - again, maybe I'm missing something here.

Thanks Again


Oh !! I'm using a computer that isn't mine and I've just realised that the files are trying to run in mathematica not matlab - sorry about that.

I'll have another go - sticking it into matlab for certain this time !!! So please ignore this post for the moment


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