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Matlab Newbie Troubleshoot

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    I am attempting to write a Matlab script that uses a user-input (hence general) function, f(x), throughout the script. I thought of using he following:

    f = @(x) input('Enter f(x): ')

    but then when my (iterative) While loop is executed which contains (f(x)), the prompt pops up after every cycle.

    I'd be grateful for any help!
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    The anonymous function syntax is a fairly recent addition to matlab. Traditionally you could have entered the function as a string and used the matlab "eval" function to execute it.

    Something like this,
    Code (Text):

    ! Enter the function as a string
    fs = input("Enter a function of x > ",'s')

    ! "Call" the function using the compound assign x and then eval().
    ! for example enter "x.^3 - 5" for the above (quotes not needed
    ! as its expecting a string) and then test it with ...
    x=5; eval(fs)
    ! Returns 115 as expected for f(5)
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