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Matlab noise cleaning

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    I'm attempting to clean impulse noise from a wave file in matlab. the file is two channels, about 7 million points in each channel. What I wish to do is keep points, that are below my trigger levels, and delete points (in both channels simultaneously) that are above the trigger levels for either channel. Code is below

    for x = 1:1:lnth
    if abs(sig(i,1)) > level1 || abs(sig(i,2)) > level2
    sig(i,:) = [];

    The code works and does what I want it to. The problem is that its very, very slow. Is there a way I can vectorize the code to make it faster? Or does anyone have any suggestions for a smarter algorithim (I've had some ideas, but havn't bothered to code any of them)

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    Try masking the indices instead. If you wanted to copy the massaged results into a new array, for instance, do this:

    newsig = sig(abs(sig(:,1)) <= level1 & abs(sig(:,2)) <= level2,:)

    Should be faster than your for loop.
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    thank you! SOOO much faster now.
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    marcusl, i sent you a msg, get back to me when you can, thanks ^_^
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    I'll post it here if someone else could help instead

    How would I write vectorized code to have the signal value in both channels be set to zero if it exceeds the limits like before, instead of "removing" the values that were above the trigger values
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    This will do it:

    sig(abs(sig(:,1)) > level1 | abs(sig(:,2)) > level2,:) = 0;
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    thanks a lot, i think i'm starting to catch on.
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