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MATLAB numerical evaluation

  1. Feb 19, 2008 #1

    Is it possible to solve the following problem in matlab or maple?

    {d(phi)/d(lambda)}^2 = (sin(phi))^2 - (sin(phi_one))^2

    I need to determine phi_one numerically given the following boundary conditions:

    phi(0)=C1 (constant) and {d(phi)/d(lambda)} = 0 when lambda = C2 (constant).

    How do I set this problem up using fsolve? I cant seem to enter the second boundary condition in matlab.

    This is what I've done for solving the problem using dsolve
    dsolve('Dy = sqrt((sin(y))^2 - (sin(y1))^2)', 'y(0)=pi/3', 'Dy(2)=0') where y is phi although Dy(2) is not how I have to enter the second boundary condition.

    Would appreciate your help formulating this problem in Matlab as I've tried various tricks but to no avail.

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