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Matlab on Asus EeePC X101CH

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    I'm thinking about getting this laptop, it's small and cheap. I hope it's good enough for doing student-level calculations in Matlab, perhaps some simple programming, surfing, writing documents in Word etc.

    Anyone tried Matlab on one of these?

    I currently have a laptop but I'm so used to it being "stationary" and I feel like it's too clumsy to carry around.


    It has a 1.6 ghz dual core atom processor, should be enough for smaller calculations right?
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    The specifications seem to be identical to the one I was looking at.

    So how small calculations are we talking about?

    From what I've been reading it seems that the biggest problem might be that it only has 1 gb ram. I was thinking of installing Windows 8 and the latest version of Matlab. The largest calculations I've done so far in Matlab is just with some vectors of size ~30'000, using fourier transforms and such. My current laptop does this in a second. Think this laptop could handle that sort of calculations?

    I've been looking around and found a laptop equipped with a i5 ivy bridge cpu and 4 gb ram for 3 times the price, not sure if it's worth the price just for doing some occasional work.
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    I've run MATLAB on my eeePC 900. R2012a runs decently on Gentoo with 2 GB of RAM.

    I use the eeePC as my "travel" laptop.
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