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Matlab plot discussion- reg

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    Dear friends
    I M. Saravanan, currently working in matlab attempting to plot some solutions of the differential equations.
    When plotting I received a command "Warning: Matrix is singular to working precision" for the solution step in the M files. Since as a beginner this statement make me to proceed further.
    The solution involves a lot of parameter so that by tuning the parameter I could get the plot.

    Also another command which I received is "Nan".

    I could be benefit enough if someone could be help me in this regard.
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    The warning tells you that you probably divided by zero somewhere (or did another similar operation). The NaN (not a number, and not the delicious naan bread) you see in your results is confirmation of this. I'd suggest using the debugging features to set some breakpoints, or step through your m-file and debug your code:
    http://www.mathworks.com/help/techdoc/matlab_env/brqxeeu-175.html [Broken]
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