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MATLAB plotting issue

  1. Oct 21, 2015 #1
    I am trying to plot the magnitude of velocity and position against time but keep running into issues.
    The error I am getting here is:

    Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals.

    Error in project2 (line 46)
    position(t) = w(1:3);

    Here is the relevant portion of my script(everything else work fine except the plot):

    N = 540;
    a = 1;
    b = 5400;
    h = (b-a)/N;
    t = a;
    w = [r(1);r(2);r(3);v(1);v(2);v(3)];

    for t = 1:10:5400
    k1 = h*rky(t,w);
    k2 = h*rky(t+h/2,w+k1/2);
    k3 = h*rky(t+h/2,w+k2/2);
    k4 = h*rky(t+h,w+k3);
    w = w + (h/6)*(k1+2*k2+2*k3+k4);
    t = t+h;
    position(t) = w(1:3);
    velocity(t) = w(4:6);
    time(t) = t;

    axis([1 5400 0 10000]);
    axis([1 5400 0 5]);
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    t is your integration coordinate, not an integer index to point to a position in an array.
    Depending on how position is declared you get something like

    position(i) = w(1:3)


    for j = 1 to 3
    position(i,j) = w(j)
    next j

    but hen in matlab language
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    You are using t both as the index of the for loop and as the variable containing the actual time. Also, position and velocity will need to be matrices, not vectors.
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    Thanks for the responses!
    How would I convert to matrices?
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    The two lines like "position(t) = w(1:3);" are curious, since you are trying to assign 3 values w(1:3) to the single spot position(t) in a vector. Why is that? Don't you just want a single value for the position at time t?

    If you wanted those three values to be a row in a matrix you could do something like position(i,:)=w(1:3) using a new indexing variable i.

    The current error you're receiving is because the line t = t+h makes t some decimal value that doesn't make sense as an index. Once you resolve that, you'll also get another error because you can't assign 3 values to 1 spot in a vector.

    Can you do your best to update the code with the suggestions presented so far and repost it afterward? If you post a self-contained set of runnable code it is easier to debug.
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