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Matlab Question (book) + Software Tools

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    Hi, Im an EE student right now. I'm planning on learning a little more in dept about matlab. I have a basic intro to matlab for engineering book, and I've exhausted the material for it.

    Any suggestions on a good book that contains topics that I can use for later classes (such as control systems, signal and systems, etc....)


    Also, I want to learn at least one software tool for circuit simulation. I've heard of PSpice, which is the personal edition of spice. Also, of MultiSim.

    Any recommendations as to which prog to use and what book is helpful?

    Thanks again!
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    We use pspice at my university. As far as Matlab books are concerned just look on http://amazon.com"
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    Let me give you a tip for your control systems, communication systems and signals classes: open up MATLAB and type "simulink" without the quotes.

    Learn to use Simulink, because it will save your life during control systems. It is the greatest tool a control engineer can have. You can also do circuit simulations, I believe, but I've always used PSPICE and HSPICE for that.

    A good MATLAB book I've used is "Contemporary Communication Systems using MATLAB & Simulink" by John Proakis. When the time comes for you to take a Comm. class, get that book.

    Other good things to know for MATLAB are the functions:

    tf() to enter a transfer function

    bode() to get a Bode plot

    rlocus() to get a root locus plot

    nyquist() to get a Nyquist plot

    roots() to get the poles/zeros from an eqn (there are other functions for
    this, but this is the fastest when you are new)

    conv() to convolve polynomials, so you don't have to multiply out two 10th order systems.

    step() to generate a step response

    Simulink is integrated perfectly with MATLAB, so you can use both at the same time to really learn about the system you are working with.

    You will use these functions over, and over, and over, and over.
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    Modern Control Systems by Richard C. Dorf and Robert H. Bishop has lots of problems to be solved in Matlab.
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