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MATLAB Radiation Questions

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    1. A short dipole pz is oscillating with angular frequency omega. Draw contours of equal intensity of the radiation from this dipole in the x,z plane

    2. A linear centre fed antenna is oriented along the z axis. Draw contours of equal intensity of the radiation from this dipole, in the x,z plane, for a half wave antenna and for a full wave antenna. Compare these cases , and also compare with the case of the short dipole

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    Any ideas?
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    We're not going to do your homework for you. Do you have any idea how to approach this problem? If you can tell us where you're stuck, we can help.

    - Warren
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    Sorry. I realise that.
    Not sure where to start- maybe with <S> = (p^2 * omega^4* sin^2theta)/ (32*pi*epsilion_zero*c^3*r^2) for the short dipole case
    And then use the 'contour' command in MATLAB. Have a range of theta values for a particular r and then change r to get multiple contours. Not really sure on this though. Any ideas to get me started?


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    Or better yet maybe use the 'polar' plotting function in MATLAB...
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    In Matlab you need to set up a grid.

    In cartesian form, easiest if square:

    x=[-10:0.1:10] y=[-10:0.1:10]

    Then you evaluate your function z at all these points.

    ie. size(z)=[length(x),length(y)]

    You can then use contour(x,y,z) to plot it.
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