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MATLAB removing text

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    i'm using basic graphics on matlab where i use

    text(x,y,'text as string')

    to display text on a plot. is there a way to REMOVE this text? I tried overwriting it with ' ' and making the color white, font size 0, but none of these will remove the text.
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    If you use the following:
    >> h1 = text(x,y,'text as string')

    h1 will be an object handle to the text you just placed on your graph, allowing you to manipulate its properties, move it around, etc. You should also be able to delete it using the delete method:
    >> delete(h1)

    More documentation at the Mathworks website:

    I seem to recall that this should work, but don't have a copy of MATLAB at my work station.
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    perfect solution, thanks
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