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Matlab/Simulik - reactive compensation

  1. Aug 22, 2012 #1
    I am trying to model a voltage regulation in a transmission network by reactive compensation.
    Initialy there is a load o 200MW, 0.8 lagging, ( 151Mvar inductive). The voltage is 0.93 which is arond 122kV, which is too low.
    I am trynig to rise the volatge by connecting a capacitor bank with 151Mvar capacitance.
    At the time o connection, the volateg rises to nearly 1 pu, current drops, both inductive and reactive powers cancel each other. I guess this is expected and is correct.
    But I dont understend what happens to active power because it rises from 200 MW to 230 MW.
    How is that possible? The active power in the load is to be 200MW and the capacitve bank does not have any active power element.
    Is there something wrong with my model or is it what can be expected?

    When I do the opposite model ( capacitive load, and then connect a shunt reactor) the situation is similar but the active power drops from 200 MW to lets say 170Mvar.
    What is wrong with that model?

    I attach two pic , one o the model and one o the scope.
    Thanks for help

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