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MATLAB sum loop issue

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    So i want to calculate an r value 5 different times then find the mean of the 5 calculated values.
    I have 2,187 data points. the first line of code generates 100 random points 1-2187.
    The code has a bug but my major issue is it calculates r then loops again calculates r, loops again calculates r and there is no way to sum this. How can I edit my code.

    for i = 1:5
    randomdata = round(rand(100,1).*2187);

    xval = x(randomdata);
    yval = y(randomdata);
    numerator = length(xval)*nansum(xval.*yval) - (nansum(xval)*nansum(yval));

    xsumsquared = nansum(xval)^2;
    ysumsquared = nansum(yval)^2;
    dddx = sqrt(length(xval)*nansum(xval.^2) - xsumsquared);
    ddy = sqrt(length(xval)*nansum(yval.^2) - ysumsquared);
    demonator = dddx * ddy;
    r = numerator/demonator;


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    Set a variable sum_r =0; before all your code. Total sum_r = sum_r + r; right after r is calculated. Display sum_r after your code.
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