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MATLAB symbolic to numeric

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    I'm trying to use matlab to simulate a simple RC low pass filter. I have an array of data that represents the signal I want to filter, and I have the s-domain representation of the filter circuit. I'm pretty new to this type of analysis, but I'm pretty sure I should be taking the fft of my data and multiplying it by the s-domain representation (transfer function) of the circuit, and then take the ifft to get the output.
    I guess my problem is I have a symbolic transfer function that I'm trying to multiply with a numeric array. Any Ideas on how I can get a numeric representation of my symbolic transfer function?

    Thanks in advance.

    (this is my transfer function if that helps)
    transferFunc = 100/(s+100)
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    Thanks a million MATLABdude,
    That tutorial held all the answers and more! :)
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