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Matlab Trial version

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    Hello Everybody,

    I'm new to this interesting forum and this is my first post :)

    So i wonder if can i use a Trial version of Matlab to perform some simulation for my Phd. Is the Trial version allow doing some important tests ?

    Thank you for your answer
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    I would never use time-limited software for a critical application. Why not use octave instead of matlab?
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    I dont know very well Octave. is it possible to simulate some telecom features like MU-MIMO or scheduling algorithms on this software ?

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    Octave is a "clone" of Matlab. Unless you need a specific Matlab toolbox, it will do the same job.
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    I have a biased view on the matter, but I don't think Octave should be used for serious work or research unless you're experienced enough to find and fix bugs as you come across them.

    MATLAB licenses are very cheap for students. If you want to use it for your PhD work then it is a no brainer to get MATLAB instead of using Octave.

    Since you're a student you can get MATLAB for $49.
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