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Matlab Versions

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    I have just been wondering that given each year we get two new versions of Matlab, for someone like who uses/used Matlab 2001 (or Matlab 7) I am wondering if there's a great reason to move to the recent versions (Matlab 2014a) even when I use only a selected number of toolboxes.
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    I see two reasons for using newer versions. If none of them bothers you, then there is no need imo:
    -performance optimizations
    -compatibility with codes from other people who uses newer syntax or functions
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    Well I don't think I have compatibility issues. I don't know anything about performance improvements since the only versions I have used are 6.5 and 7.
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    Sounds like you're fine then. Just pray the newer versions of your OS doesn't start playing funny with your good ol' matlab. But then I guess you don't need to update those either :)
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    Well I guess I'm still good then !
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    The big "jump" in performace came when Matlab started using Just-in-time compiling which I believe was around 2000 or so; before that you had to avoid for-loops etc at all cost which made some programs very difficult to read.
    That said, they have added a bunch of useful features since, but nothing too crucial.
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