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Matlab &Word text

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    I used the label for y-axis as below and plot the figure.
    Code (Text):

    but when I copy the figure in the word, the y-label text is corrupted. What should I do?
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    When I copy the figure from "Figure/Edit/copy figure" and paste it into word, the figure is correctly pasted but when I restart the computer the text on the y-axis corrupts. However if I open Matlab again and do "Figure/Edit/copy figure and past" all the earlier figures will become corrected!
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    You should specify the parameters when copying to clipboard, see for instance


    where the clipboardformat parameter takes on the following values:


    The flow that you are follow it's rather strange, one shouldn't restart Matlab in order to see correctly those figures!!!
    I would use the saveas command. In this way you keep a figure file external to the word document for later use (presentation, sharing etc.)
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