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Matplotlib- scaling the marker with the grid.

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    Hi there,

    I am plotting some data onto a hammer plot using ipy- matplotlib. The axes on the plot range from alpha= -pi:pi and beta=-pi/2:pi/2. I have a value (lets call it delta) for each point on the plot where (alpha=integer,beta=integer). I have arranged the delta values in ascending order and grouped them ie delta1=0-2, delta2=2-4, etc. I want to plot the seperate groups in diffreent colours on the hammer plot to get a plot that is entirely covered with the data. The problem I am having is that if I use a circular marker "o", then at the center of the graph all the points overlap and then at the poles and each side they are spread out.

    Does anyone know how I can scale the markers at each point (so they grow at the same rate as the grid)?

    Many thanks.
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