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Matrice? matrix?

  1. Aug 12, 2008 #1
    hello~ I forgot how to do matrix without a calculator.

    I think it was like crossing across and down and then add all of them??????

    i think... but i wasn't sure.

    so could anybody explain how to do matrix with hands?

    also, is this problem solvable without a calculator?

    find all values of x that make l 2 -1 4 l
    l 3 0 5 l = l x 4 l
    l 4 1 6 l l 5 x l

    and the answer is + or- 4.47

    thank you for reading my questions!~><
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    I don't understand your notation at all. Are you supposed to find the determinant of the matrix or solve a system of linear equations?
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