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Matrix converter topology

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    Hi everybody,
    I'm trying to design and build a matrix converter, but I think I have read contradictory information about which power stage topology could be more recommended. Should I use common collector or emitter configuration for low power systems? with discrete devices or trying to use power modules?
    Thanks in advance.
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    What's a matrix converter?
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    a matrix converter is a direct ac-ac power converter. You can output a voltage signal of different freq and amplitude from the input. Used with differnt control algorithms in elevators, pumps, aircrafts... as any other (ac-ac)power converter, but with peculiar characteristics.
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    It doesn't look like he is looking for a inverter. He doesn't want to convert a DC signal to AC...he wants to convert an AC signal to a different AC signal (different amplitude and frequency)

    However, I suppose you could do what you want to do by first rectifying the AC signal input to DC, and then you could feed that DC signal to an inverter to get your AC signal...
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    I've just found your post.

    Are you still working on this sproject?

    The first difference between common collector and common emitter, is the number of isolated power supplies you need to drive IGBT gates.

    For the drive i think there no particular recommandations between the two topologies.

    If you are always intersting on this types of converter, i will be happy to discuss more about these.
  8. Mar 30, 2008 #7
    Hello Power kikoo
    actually im doing MSc in Power Electronics so is it possible to design a Matrix Converter for control the speed of motor in 3 months of period ??
    if it is possible so from where can i get circuits diagrams and all stuff ?
    kindly help me out friend
    with kind regrads
    I A Makda
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