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Matrix eq

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    Given that A^-1 , B^-1 and C^-1 exist, solve the following equations for X:


    plse help....
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    a) Multiply both sides of the equation on the left by A-1:
    A-1AX= X= A-1C.
    b) Multiply both sides of the equation on the left by A-1 and on the right by B-1:
    A-1AXBB-1= X= A-1CB-1

    Can you try c and d now?
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    c) X=(C+B)A^-1B^-1


    plse check thks
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    Therefore XA = B^(-1)(C+B) therefore X = B^(-1)(C+B)A^(-1)

    Remember matrix multiplication is NOT commutative.

    Do the same steps for d), note ORDER MATTERS
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