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Matrix Heating Element

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    Hi, I'll cut to the chase: I've been designing a project that uses a series of MCUs and such, in order to control a series of systems. The device is ment to run from a standard 120 V wall outlet, has a few motor controls, a piston control, but problematically also needs a heating element that is controlled.

    The heating element needs to be of size 10cm x 10cm, and have a 32x32 resolution, to be able to heat to between 400-1000 F. It is ment to be so that if a picture of 32x32 resolution is given to it, in black and white it can burn the image onto a medium without any moving parts.

    Currently, I've come up with a few designs, but they all have problematic statistics on them. There will be 1 MCU used for each row, for a total of 32 MCUs, and each MCU will have to output a high output constantly for 3-4 minutes during the burn process, at the specified pixel positions, meaning potentially many pixels per MCU at once.

    The wire being used for heating is Nichrome(NiCrA) that will heat up to 400-1000 F at Amperages between 2.9 and 5.6.

    This has, led to many problems, so my question is, does anyone have any advice, or think they could deduce a design that would work under these conditions, or potentially an alternative for burning a pixel image into a medium within 3-4 minutes, within those heat parameteres.

    Thank you for your help, thank you alot!
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