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Homework Help: Matrix inverse?

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    If A,B and C are nxn matrice, with B and C nonsingular, and b is an n-vector, how would you implement the formula

    x = B-1(2A+I)(C-1+A)b, without computing any matrix inverse?

    I made it Bx=(2A+1)C-1(I+CA)b, but don't know how to pull out the C-1 from the middle in order to take the equation without matrices inverse,sigh.. but I don't know if I approached it right because I don't even get the question.

    Please help me!!!!
    Thank you very much :frown:
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    Re: Please help!

    The furthest I could come was by working out the parentheses:

    CBx = (2CAC-1+2CA2+I+A)b

    I hope someone else can get some answer...
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    Re: Please help!

    What do you mean "implement the formula"? Is the goal to evaluate the right hand side of the original equation to get x?
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