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Matrix multiplication

  1. Apr 27, 2005 #1
    Ok, maybe a dumb question, but anyway:
    if I have some matrices equation like this:

    AB = BC

    if I want to multiply both sides by some matrix Z can I stick it in the middle?

    AZB = BZC

    I know I can do these two:

    ABZ = BCZ
    ZAB = ZBC

    but can I do the middle too?

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    Have you tried some examples to see if it works?
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    no :biggrin:
    but the proof worked out nice, so I am wondering if I am actually not doing it right.
    Good point.
    I just rely on the fact that people here know everything and know it off top of their heads, so it would save me trouble :biggrin:
    But usually, I make an effort before I ask here. I am just pressed for time: reviewing before finals.
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