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OK. Now were cookin'.

I saw the first ads on cable/tv last night. Two different ones tonight. At the expense of overstimulating expectations, it looks really, really sublime.

I know. I know. Keanu Reeves. But who can possibly deny it is not the defining "Gibsonian" epoch of our age? Who can deny that a personality-less programmer is not the defining role that only Keanu can portray with accuracy? In this case alone can an actor be totally bereft of skill and still be convincing. Take it from me - I am a programmer and I often reflect upon the lack of humanity accorded to my colleagues - perhaps even myself! (Hehehehe).

With intrepid doubt I am still aquiver with the mere idea of seeing this penultimate movie - sequel that it is (worse yet, an "unprepared for" sequel - according to the original plot). Oh! If only it will maintain the sublime theme of the original construction! It is a lot to ask, I know.

Despite the pervasive assurance my spine reveals, my heart still struggles to remove that virtual chord. I suspect that pimple that appeared only weeks ago, configured on the exact center of the back of my neck, right below the hairline, is truly the virtual perception of a physical diode. If only I could remove it, I would no longer be subsistant upon hollywood for my entertainment!

*Slaps hands together in an idiotic display of Red Dwarfinism*
*Struggles ineffectually to remove the unpercieveced imbedded cable from the nape.*

I love a theme that truly supports the suspension of reality. There is no physical jump, nor metaphysical jump needed, no faith required. Considering the virtual world, where even the most intelligent can appear wretchedly ignorant, the meek may appear strong, and everyone has blue eyes, blonde hair, and measures 36, 24, 36 at 110 lbs, anything becomes not only believable, but totally plausible - even realistic.

The last time such cinematic artistry was displayed was "Total Recall" (He was hallucinating the whole time - they tell you so at the first...but that is another story).

Even at face value, the idea of saturated consumerism is accurate. We are slaves of the ecoonomy, and the machines rule us all. Just try to buy some land in an out-of-the-way place and become self sufficient. The law will require you to pay taxes upon that land - the machines will remember that you owe. Therefore you must produce beyond your means in order to support those "unfortunate others" who cannot do so on their own not to mention the buearacracy itself. Therefore, your toil, your sweat, and your blood remains unredeemed, unremitted, no matter how far you attempt to separate youself from the machine. (What ever happened to true freedom anyway? Must an army march at the cadence of its slowest personell?) LOL. I remember a saying : "No man is an island, but some men are penisulas." We are all of us connected to each other, alas, inextricably. We are all part of the machine.

Welcome, my son.
Welcome, to the machine.
What did you dream?
Its alright, we told you what to dream.
-Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here, "Welcome to the Machine."

If art immitates life, it requires only a very shallow and unperceptive individual to see the sophistication we have obtained in our digital society - and the incipient entropy that neccasarily must ensue.

Wow, that's quite a lot of BS that one single film burdens itself with. My expectations will allow nothing less I'm afraid. The true spirit of the Matrix, loyally portrayed, will easily deal with my insignificant wants. I only hope that hollywood can continue to produce the odd gems of sublime fiction that advances civilization one more step by imbibing the "non-realities" of life (and ignomious, anonymous death) rather than the continual spate of audience pandering hypocrasy it is won't to do.
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man i think you need to listen a little further into the album:

And did they get you to trade
Your heros for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange
A walk on part in the war
For a lead role in a cage?

How I wish, how I wish you were here.

one of the most important lessons i have learned is that life is what you make of it; and ya, i hopefuly the flick will live up to the last one. :smile:
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You know what the best part of Star Wars Episode II was?

The trailer for Reloaded!

That's not all: LOTR 3 is coming out later this year (summer?) and The Matrix 3 will be out in November, making this the best movie year of all time, I think.
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LOTR3 will release in december same as this year and last year.

I hope both matrix movies kick ass

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