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Homework Help: Matrix separability preservation under conjugation!

  1. Mar 24, 2010 #1
    Hello friends,

    Someone know any paper about matrix separability preservation under conjugation? A well know result is that Clifford group preserve the Pauli group under conjugation, or in other words, [itex]C_{4x4} (X_{2x2} \otimes X_{2x2}) C_{4x4}^{\dagger}[/itex] will result in a 4x4 matrix in Pauli group, that also is a kronecker product of the other two 2x2 pauli matrices. Then, I'm find a critery to a matrix [itex]U_{4x4}[/itex] preserve the separability of another matrix, say [itex](V1_{2x2} \otimes V2_{2x2})[/itex], by conjugation... Thus, [itex]U_{4x4} (V1_{2x2} \otimes V2_{2x2}) U_{4x4}^{\dagger} = (J1_{2x2} \otimes J2_{2x2})[/itex].

    So, someone can help-me?


    best regards,
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