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Matrix theory

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    Hi all,

    I once read an article about a sort of matrix theory: that we are only a computer simulation which a supercumputer runs in the future to let the people experience there what the past was like. Does that ring a bell to anyone? I really need this article again but am not sure what search terms to use.

    thanks a lot,
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    Of course The Matrix was a series of hit movies on this theme, and the first one spawned a number of philosophical discussions of its theme. Try "the matrix" in quotes plus philosophy.
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    A primer on looking at quantum physics from the cybernetic point of view. This is for liberal arts majors. Mostly concepts, no technical jargon, good illustrations
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    A philosopher named Nick Bostrom has written about this. I think he called it "the simulation argument".
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    The matrix theory....

    Nothing more than a hollywood movie.
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    hi fredrik,

    thanks a lot for your answer. that's something to continue with. hope i'll find the article now :)

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    Just like to point out that there can be two types of simulation arguments. One where we ARE the simulation. And the other where we are IN the simulation, relatively speaking.
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    perhaps this will help:

    http://www.onwardoverland.com/matrix/philosophy.html [Broken]
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    Matrix-like theories have been around before the The Matrix films, but they became popularized after the release of the films.

    -Brad Barron
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    There was Dark City with Kiefer Sutherland, for example.
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    Many great films are based off great theories. Actually, most interesting themes for films are based off some form of theory or legend.

    -Brad Barron
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    There is a movie with the exact theme that you are talking about. It's NOT The Matrix however; I think the movie was called 13th floor. I could be wrong :(

    The movie was about our time (and a few other time periods) only being simulations, and some guy entered one of these simulations, killed a few people, hopped from sim to sim, caused some havoc, etc etc
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