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Matrixology Reloaded [Spoilers!]

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    Ok... just watched the film, but was pretty confused. Anyone know answers to the following questions?

    1. Why did Neo have to return to the source?
    2. How did he do that thing with the sentinels at the end of the film?
    3. Why did the agents try to kill the keymaker, if he was part of the architect's plan?
    4. How does the new Smith fit into all this?
    5. What do you think is going to happen in Revolutions?
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    Oh jeez....

    1. Just because?

    2) Did he actually make it out of the Matrix? Is there really anything outside the Matrix at all?!?

    3)Ummmm...good question? Maybe because he doesn't matter, since the Matrix is about to be rebooted anyways?

    4)The new and improved Agent Smith, as near as I can tell by the trailer for Matrix Revolutions, is going to overwrite all of humanity with his programming, unless Neo can stop him.

    5)The poop is going to hit the fan!!
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    1. because every other "one" had before. Thats part of the anomoly in the matrix programming.

    2. because he's not out of the matrix, (remember before that, he says "something is wrong, I can feel them". It's a matrix inside a matrix deal. He never really got freed, no one has.

    3. Agent Smith was like neo in a way, he wanted to get out of the matrix (remember back in the first movie when he's talking to morpheous. He found away out of the first matrix where he is now "Bane", the dude trying to kill neo.

    4. All I gotta say is, it better be good!!
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    maybe im completely wrong but when neo was talking to the head programmer guy in that room of tv's the programmer said that neo was dif. from the others... so when he stopped the sentinals maybe that was the glitch in the prog or something... maybe he was the first to have the capacity to stop the inevitable cycle... dunno if this even makes sense cuz i didnt even see all of the first...
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    try this website:

    http://www.mkaku.org/forums/showthread.php?threadid=275 [Broken]
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    Maybe because that's part of the plan for the one. Well, Neo and Morpheus thought that it was part of the prophecy. As far as the Architect is concerned, that's where he chooses the humans to restart Zion. I suppose that that's not really necessary, but it's something to lead The One along into the role designed for him...or something like that.

    Didn't he say something about having some kind of connection with them? The whole movie makes the Matrix, which is a computer simulation, very "organic". He's got nifty Matrix powers, and the sentinels are in some way connected to the Matrix....or maybe it's a Matrix inside the Matrix deal, who knows? The Farrely Bros (and Keanu Reaves and Lawrence Fishborne, and a lot of other people).

    To make a story Neo and the rest to believe in.
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    1) because it would be boring if he didn't
    2) i think that the "real world" might be another level matrix (that would explain "rebooting zion"
    3)who knows?
    4)he's a virus (i think he does a bunch of stuff in the next movie)
    5) no clue but i heard a rumor that the last scene in the movie will be someone typing Ctrl/Alt/Delete on some computer.
  9. May 29, 2003 #8
    Neo and Trinity have a child. This child is "the one" to save them all. Neo was never "the one" at all.
    (Yes, I made it up, but it makes sense, hence the significance of the ..err.. lovemaking scene)
  10. May 29, 2003 #9
    Re: Re: Matrixology Reloaded [Spoilers!]

    So it might not be a trilogy after all........... there may be 3 more films after this next one.
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    I think we all know that they are going to milk this cash cow as much as they can... Star Wars episode 1 anyone? (Imagines sheer evilness of Matrix prequel...)
  12. May 30, 2003 #11
    Well, the Wachowski brothers have already said that there will be no more Matrix movies (after Revolutions), but who knows?
  13. Aug 25, 2003 #12
    This post may be old, but hey, I’m watching as fast as I can!

    Me too.
    First, I think this film had too many flaws and liked the first one more. They didn’t explain enough in Reloaded but if I try to apply some real-world logic to it maybe Neo had to return owing to the relationship between software and hardware.
    For instance, if you kicked the machines (hardware) ‘ass over teakettle’ in the real world, they would still control the matrix world (software and hardware).
    In Reloaded, more emphasis was put on the protection of Zion (the real world), and this I can understand because that’s where your physical butt is located, but the first film gave the impression that if you could defeat the ‘Software’ (Agents) inside the matrix that somehow you might then become free to prep people for the great awakening. But short of pulling the plugs all at once and waking everyone up, which according to some of the statements made wouldn’t be a good thing to do, you would have to rely on the matrix being operational for a certain amount of time even after eliminating the Agents. Could that be it then; Neo had to take control on the software side in a way that would keep the system operational long enough to wake people up in an orderly fashion (yeah right, as if most people would have wanted to leave).

    So the battle is two-tiered, but there are also priorities. The robotic units capable of killing humans in the real world need to be destroyed, but not the machinery keeping all those bodies (and minds) alive. But a huge part of what is keeping those people alive is software, and a lot of that software isn’t very friendly towards the idea of awakening everyone. So, to save the bulk of the human population which resides in the matrix, Neo must take control of the system from the inside to keep it running and preserving the people. That means throwing some of the nasty programs in the recycle bin and then emptying it. Defeating the machines in the real world would be a hollow victory if the Agents ran amuck killing everyone inside the matrix because they were bitter about being defeated.

    So you could take that for a guess I suppose, but I feel like too much of it came from my imagination rather than good filmmaking.

    I don’t know why I should bother to make sense of this film as it raised more questions than it answered, imo. I suspect someone was thinking too much about making money. At any rate, I prefer an esoteric interpretation to this film rather than having to deal with a plot (or lack thereof).

    I’ve already forgotten what happened, haha.
    Because he helped rouge programs to survive?
    To me, Smith just dilutes the plot and makes the film all the more nonsensical.
    I liked the response made by Mistress Lilith and think that’s a plausible scenario to look for in Matrix 3.

    My questions I’d like someone to answer for me are;

    Why go to so much trouble to create the Matrix in the first place?
    Is all that complexity actually needed just to get some power generated?
    Why not a bunch of vegetables being harnessed for their power instead?
    Can a little trickle of electricity applied to the correct spot on the brain yield as much power output from a body as going to all the trouble of making everyone able to experience consciousness and interact together?
  14. Aug 25, 2003 #13
    I must have missed this post because I saw the movie the day it came out. As far as what the matrix is, I like the theory of a matrix inside the matrix. I don't believe the key to controlling the matrix is within the matrix. It has to be wihtout, or else he would have been locked down and never able to get to the programmer. It could also be that this is just all some HUGE AI program, and that the "real world", the machines, along with the "matrix" are all part of a vastly advanced computer simulation, and that this is all fantasy- think total recall. Just a hunch.

    As far as it not giving enough info and being ambiguous- that's just a marketing tactic. I mean we're all here discussing it. Which will you be more likely to see? Star Wars III where you can basically piece together a rough draft of the movie already just based on the flow of the sequels and the available info, or Revolutions, where we basically aren't sure which way it could go? was an excellent cliffhanger, and I'm sure all questions will be answered in the final movie
  15. Aug 25, 2003 #14
    That's what I hoped would happen in this release but it only got worse. :frown:

    I did watch The Animatrix and thought it was interesting how one small part of town was full of glitches, leading the authorities to barracade the area (lest anyone catch on?). Anyone else see this film??
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  16. Aug 25, 2003 #15
    well of course they wouldn't answer all the questions in the 2nd, otherwise why make the 3rd? It's all about the revenues:wink:
  17. Aug 26, 2003 #16
    How about the game? Did anyone finish the game?
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