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I Matter antimatter asymmetry

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    I need someone to clarify where I have erred:
    At the start of the universe, there should have been equal amounts of matter and Antimatter created, but we appear to live in a matter dominated universe.
    If matter and antimatter mutually annihilate into energy, and energy and matter are equivalent, then why can't some of the the energy produced condense into matter, thus solving the problem?
    I reckon my main mistake is in not knowing how energy coalesces into matter/antimatter (as well as not knowing about physics!)
    Please help.
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    Hello LAzarus, :welcome:

    Problem is that there are some conservation laws that must hold when a concentration of energy produces particles: charge, energy/mass, momentum plus a few others. So energy ##\ \rightarrow e^+e^+ \ ## doesn't fly, whereas energy ##\ \rightarrow e^+e^- \ ## does.
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    Yep, that's the consensus, BUT it is also the consensus that for reasons we don't understand it WASN'T, thus the existence of our universe made of matter.
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