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Matter Energy and Time (MEaT)

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    This showed up over at Everything-Science. :rolleyes: Anyone have a snappy response?

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    The author is doubly wrong! Matter is neither a particle nor a wave. It is something else entirely that is capable of approximating those behaviors under the appropriate conditions.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I think I like this one the best,

    but you have to wonder what happens when we don't make measurements
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    Matter is anything that has mass; I think this wave energy thing was written coz the writer did undergrad chemistry. Normally they teach that electrons can display properties of a sin-wave and also demonstrate a particulate nature. Shrodinger did some research on this, if I am not wrong (which I probably am) with the whole electron density cloud concept also taught at undergrad level.

    Get a nice physical chemistry textbook, it should set things straight lol.
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