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Matter made of pixels?

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    In this documentary on Discovery Channel:


    at 1:30 he talks about that it was discovered in the last century that matter is made of tiny little pixels. I was wondering if this was true? I haven't found any actual proof for this.

    Are these pixels similar to computer monitor pixels?

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    Doc Al

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    From what I can tell, he's just using 'pixel' to refer to bits of matter, elementary particles, atoms, and the like. (But I didn't listen much further.)
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    I don't know either, he's saying this to make the point of the possibility of we living in a computer simulation. So from that context do you know how it applies...
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    Whatever the context, we didn't discover in the last century that matter is made of tiny pixels.
    I think he just tried to make an (poor) analogy with computers.

    By the way, atoms were not discovered in the last century - they were proved to exist only in 1905 (Einstein did it!), but this is very different from saying Einstein "discovered" atoms.

    This new computer-based generation makes me sad sometimes.
    He could have made a number of analogies, but "pixels"???
    How I miss the old grain of sand analogy!
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