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Matter Particle or Wave?

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    There's a big debate on wether light is particle or wave. It sometimes ehibits chareteristics of both. If that's not confusing enough there's this new idea on matter.

    I heard this guyt alk about it in a lecture. He was saying all matter, electroncs,protons, and neutrons are made out of waves. This wouldn't be so bad accept waves have no mass and waves have to have something to tranfer their energy through.

    Then he goes on about something called The Ether. Apparently space itself can have waves or ripples going through it. We and all matter or supposedly those ripples. Us and all matter that is. Myquestion is how can ripples in something with no mass cause something with mass? How can you possibly test or prove it? And how in the hell did whomever come up with that?
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    The Ether? Who did you hear this all from? Apparently he is unfamiliar with Michelson Morely interferometry. The answer is that there is no ether.
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    Claude Bile

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    Are you talking about String Theory?

    If you find you don't get satisfactory answers here, post in the 'Beyond the Standard Model' forum - String Theory probably gets a thorough working over there.

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    No The Ether was before String Theory.
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    well, this guy was (possibly) right about the wave-like properties of particles (matter) and the particle-like properties of waves. but not about aether (Ether is this stuff i like to snort).
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