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B Matter/Spacetime Binder

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    How exactly is matter connected to spacetime above the planck scale. We know that mass/energy/momentum or matter curve spacetime.. but how they are connected or binded or the interface between them?
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    I'm not sure what you mean by "connected". As you say, we know that stress-energy curves spacetime, and the Einstein Field Equation expresses this connection. What, beyond that, are you looking for?
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    Not sure if this relates to your question but Quantum Gravity theory is still a work in progress. The idea is that spacetime becomes granular and indeterminable at some scale. From what I can gather the current thinking is that if spacetime has discontinuities it is at a scale that is smaller than about 10-20 m. Planck length distances are about 10-15 smaller. (A proton is on the order of 100,000 times larger). Quantum effects of matter, therefore are observed at scales that are much greater than the scale at which quantum effects of spacetime could possibly be observed.

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