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Matter types?

  1. Nov 29, 2005 #1
    Ok I have a few different questions that put every other forum here to shame. Mostly cause I am only 15. ^_^ I still can join and state questions and learn right? I am smart not very smart jsut smart. In a book I read they mentioned a particular matter that I have been searching for. I jsut want the naem of it so I can research it. However, I seem to have forgotten its name. I do remember the brief description.

    It was along the lines of it is stronger than steel, nuclei detach from electrons and they then compress the electrons? That is about what I remember. Oh I think it started with an "M" but I am not at all sure about that part.
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    Thank you I guess for at least checking. I found it now. It was degenerate matter. lol I got alot of the information switched around but I got it now. Finding information for it should be alot easier.
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