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Mature Age Physics Student

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    Good morning, afternoon and good evening,

    My names Josh, I'm 30, 31 in a couple of months. With doing uni-prep classes in year 11 and then dropping out of the classes to do standard ones in year 12, due to getting no acknowledgment of grade from my parents and thinking that it was all pointless, even though, throughout the time of being in school, I had always been told that I had great potential with Mathematics.

    I'd drifted off after school, only to read and think upon the world and universe doing different jobs and then finding a passion in the Mixology industry, which lasted for 9 yrs and gaining a name for myself within the Perth, Western Australian industry. I then stopped and pursued other career ventures until last when I lost my job and have been unable to get work since.

    I then decided to go back to study what has always intrigued me the most, Physics, Cosmology, the universe and black holes.

    I start this year with gaining entry into a Uni-prep course, which will allow me to enter into a Bachelor of Physics degree. Starting out the year with borrowing books from the local library and starting to read and write notes upon Physics, The Laws / Equations of Physics, references and watching documentaries (Through the wormhole with Morgan Freeman), I had started gaining questions and Theories upon what I had read and heard.

    So with all this said, I'd like to say G'day and shall I proceed in the appropriate section for write my most latest and eventually be my major's thesis "Black Holes: The Warp Of Space-Time".
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Be sure to check out the Insights section of the PF. You should enjoy reading through the many tutorials and other information there. :smile:
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