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Mav communication

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    Do you think a using a cellphone(just the necessary parts, not the whole body) for communication with a Micro Aerial Vehicle can work?
    Will it be able to transmit a live video smoothly and handle the large amount of data transmission/sec?

    If the video is constantly being downloaded on a computer, roughly what computer configuration is required to view it at a high frame rate?
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    Please, does anyone have any idea?
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    I would suggest that the bandwidth is not nearly wide enough using normal phones.

    Using 3G, you might just be able to do it (depending on what control requirements you have), but the video won't be anywhere near 'smooth'.
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    If you want to put a camera on a remotely controlled aircraft or vehicle, there are very small cameras that transmit a signal directly to a television.

    http://www.hicam.com.au/art_faq.htm [Broken]
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    I live in India where 3G won't be available until next year so that is not an option for me.

    By smooth, I mean atleast 7-8 frames/sec.

    Are you referring to the bandwidth of internet available on cell phone? What is the bandwidth for normal phones?
    How much bandwidth does an ordinary audio call of the cell have? Is it possible to use that method to transmit the video?

    Is it possible using a 16 MHz processor on board to send a radio signal via cellphone modulating it 800*600 times/sec? This signal will then be interpreted by the computer and displayed as a video? Would that get the frame rates mentioned above?

    Will black and white transmission at a smooth rate be possible?

    Also what software would you recommend for modelling and calculating the airflow over the wings?

    Would Enhanced Data GSM Environment work?
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    Would compression of the video using something with performance comparable to MPEG and then transmission via cell work?
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