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Max and Min of a poly

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    I need to make to functions in java that gives the maxim and minin of the Parabola polynom ax2+bx+c for an interval of two given points.

    I have no Idea how to make this algorithm , could you help ?

    I have come to something like this :
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    Figure out the math first, then worry about how to program it.
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    I dont know the math that's why I'm asking. I dont want the java code.
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    Well, what do you know about finding minima and maxima?

    Alternatively, what do you know about the shape of the graphs of parabolas?
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    well the maxima should be the value of Y which is the bigger to a value of X and the minima the same.

    About the shape its sinusoidal waves.
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    Careful, you are mixing apples and oranges. The max(min) will be the value of Y which is bigger(smaller) than every other value of Y for some region around your max(min) value.

    Not X like you said, X is the input variable that determines your Y.

    You should try graphing ax^2 + bx + c for various values of a, b, and c to verify if it has "sinusoidal waves."

    that also might give you some intuition into the the max(min) of a parabola
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    Theorem: If E ⊂ R and f: E → R, and f has a maximum or minimum at x ∈ E, then one of the following three is true:
    (1) x is a boundary point of E,
    (2) f'(x) = 0, or
    (3) f is not differentiable at x.

    In your case, f(x) = ax2 + bx + c and E is the interval [x1, x2]. Then the only possibilities are these: (1) x is one of the boundary points x1 or x2 of E, or (2) f'(x) = 2ax + b = 0, so x = -b/2a. Look at the values of f at those three points; the largest one is the maximum, and the smallest one is the minimum.
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