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Max Load before square tube deforms

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    My boss just told me to get him this today and the last time I took a mechanic class pluto was still a planet.

    See diagram attached. diagram.JPG

    Both bulkhead A and arm are made of aluminum T6061 hollow tubes.
    Arm is at center of A.

    Assuming that arm will never break off from A, will the current load deform A? I vaguely remember max torsional moments is what I'm looking for but that doesn't take into account material strength.

    Shear stress = load + weight of arm.


    If max torsional moment is = (2/9) (tau max) (b^3)
    tau max = 0.27 (V/t)[b^3-(b-2t)^3] / [b^4 - (b-2t)^4]

    V = transverse shear force
    is V = shear stress?

    Where does material property come in? Please help. Thanks
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