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Homework Help: Max Planck's Contributions to Physics. How does it apply to everyday life?

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    I have a presentation to do in Physics tomorrow on Max Planck.

    How does quantum theory and black body radiation apply to everyday life?

    I've looked everywhere for it but can't find anything! If someone could just point me into the direction of a website or something I would be very happy.

    I've been stressing over this project for the past week.

    I know that perfect examples of black body radiation is the earth and sun but is it everyday life? I think it is.
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    If the sun were not a BB radiator, and say it radiated only within some small band of wavelengths, how would that affect the way we see things ?

    Any devices that involved microscopic manipulations of atoms, molecules, ions, electrons or photons (remember, all EM radiation is made up of photons; not just visible light) are designed using calculations based on quantum theory. Can you think of a few such devices ?

    Hint : you don't have to be an 'idiot' to think of this one.
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    are you implying that I'm an idiot?
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    And can you put that in simpler terms for me?

    Mind you that I'm a hs junior
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    I'm sure Gokul didn't mean offending you in any way... :uhh:

    As for the question itself,'hs junior' means first year of HS...??If so,then what does physics taught in the first year of HS goota do with Max Planck??
    Do you know thermodynamics??Max Planck had great contributions to thermodynamics.Do you know quantum theory...??Max Planck founded quantum theory.

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    Quantum theory began with Planck. Quantum theory led to the understanding of semiconductors... which in turn led to the diode, transistor and microchips...

    Of course there are others that contributed to quantum theory along the way.
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