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Max Profit

  1. Jun 25, 2006 #1
    In planning a resturant, it is estimated that a profit of $5 per seat will be made if the number of seats is between 60 and 80, inclusive. On the other hand, the profit on each seat will decrease by 5 cents for each seat above 80?

    a) Find the number of seats that will produce the max profit
    b) what is the max profit?
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    Make a hand plot first. What is the answer? Then use calculus to find the maximum. What is the answer? They should match, eh? Welcome to PF!
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    You don't really need calculus since the marginal profit is almost given to you. Just stop adding seats when the marginal profit is less than 0.
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    You don't say what the "profit" is, if any, if the number of seats is less than 60 so I will assume it is not defined for x< 60.

    Okay, the profit function, for x seats, is
    P(x)= 5x if 60<= x<= 80
    = (5- 0.05(x-80))x if x> 80

    As Orthodontist said, you don't really need calculus since the marginal profit is "almost given to you" but you can:

    P'(x)= 5 if 60<= x<= 80
    = -0.05x+ (5- 0.05(x-80))

    For what value of x is that equal to 0?
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    Actually, I think the additional profit on placing the x'th seat for x > 80 is
    Since with each seat, you
    1. Lose 5 cents on each seat already placed, which is x-1 seats
    2. Gain (5-.05(x-80)) dollars on the current seat
    A strict derivative would only be approximate since this is discrete.
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