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Max speed of cart .

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    max speed of cart.....

    A persone rides in a cart moving at a speed v at the top of a hill that is in the shape of an arc of a circle with radius r.
    determine the maximum speed that the cart may travel at the top of the hill without losing contact with the surface.

    How do i know that the cart leaves the surface at values of v.
    what i mean, i dont know the steps or process on solving this. Im trying to think about this logically and im getting no where..
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    Some problems can be solved just by looking at them and using some logic. This isn't one of them. You need to create your free body diagram, choose a coordinate system (cylindrical would seem appropriate), write the equations of motion, and go from there.

    You'd be surprised how many physics problems can be solved by just plug-n-chug write the equations of motion and see what you get.
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