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MAX16802B Evaluation Kit Equations

  1. Nov 1, 2007 #1
    Hello, (I believe I am posting in this right section. When I called for help, an engineer was helping me, so if it's in the wrong section...sorry!)

    I am currently a student at Laguna Creek High School; recently, a teacher from my school won the grant of $30,000 from SMUD to build some solar panels and whatnot. I'm participating currently in this project, and we are using the MAX16802B Evaluation Kit for the circuit boards.

    Unfortunately, I'm a bit hazy on the equations that the instruction manual has provided. I really can't understand them. I have called the actual company and spoken with a technician who helped a bit, but I was limited in time during that moment, and didn't quite receive as much information as I needed.

    Attached are the actual instructions that you can see, or if you would prefer, you can download it right off the site: http://www.maxim-ic.com/quick_view2.cfm/qv_pk/5209

    I know that the first equation is for the diode, which gives off a percentage; I would switch the diode on and off very quickly, and for example, if it was at 50%, half of the time, the diodes will be on, and the other half, it would be off.

    I believe that the third equation is the one that helps us choose our conductor size, and the technician said for the seventh equation that R9 would be a small value.

    My knowledge, unfortunately, is very limited, and it's been difficult for me to interpret this information. I have some of it down, but I need to comprehend a good amount of these. Any information about those equations or anything in general would be greatly appreciated. I will probably attempt to call the Maxim company again, but I also want to ask as many experienced, knowledgeable as I can.

    An additional question: Also, if the diodes' locations were altered somehow, how would that affect the actual circuit?

    I believe that the brightness would go down; the technician also said that I would need to adjust the values of inductors and resistor R9 to draw more power from the source.

    Would there be any more effects that I would need to know about?

    Thank you!

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