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Maximizing a linear equation!

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    I want to maximize a linear equation: 4*a + 8*b + 7*c + 5*d + 9*e with the following constraints:
    0<=(4*a + 8*b + 7*c + 5*d + 9*e)<=1
    0<=a<=100; 0<=b<=100; 0<=c<=100; 0<=d<=100; 0<=e<=100

    Can I solve this problem using linear programming?
    Is there are any other method to do it?

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    There are an infinite number of solutions. An obvious one would be to take b = c = d = e = 0 and a = 0.25.
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    Well, there're lots of solutions to your problem, for example:




    [itex]\displaystyle{a=\frac{1}{8}\,,\,b=\frac{1}{16} \, ,\, c=d=e=0}[/itex]

    etc....until one dies out of boredom.

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