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  1. Is it possible to implement a maximum size on the images posted? Refer to the discussion in "The Caption Competition Thread".
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    I'd suggest it as a voluntary thing. For instance I was happy to resize knowing anyone was having a problem - posting through photobucket allows resizing easily - but I can imagine that some pictures may lose useful detail on other threads.
  4. maybe a little popup reminder to anyone posting an image larger than that, recommending resizing if it won't hurt the picture.
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    I'm not sure thats possible since the image tags are wrapped around a url. People are mainly very sensible and the only place it will happen is in the photo threads where the members are generally well established and approachable like you have seen.
  6. Yeah, it's not a major issue. I was just wondering if it were possible or not. If there were some way for PF to check, and put a little popup that says something like "This image may be too wide to fit on some people's screens, please consider resizing". Or something to that effect. I've only ever noticed it a couple of times, and the one time I commented on it LowlyPion was good about changing it. Just thinking it might be an idea, since people with ginormous screens don't always realize when something is too big for those of us on older laptops.
  7. Evo

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    I could delete the oversize photo and request that the member repost after resizing it. I don't mind if it is a little large, but when I have to scroll over to find the quote button, it's gone too far. I have a 15" screen which would be 800X600, I think that is the biggest we need. Zz's contests have a size maximum of 640X480
  8. testing ...

    Yep, this is a problem - I don't think there is an upper limit
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    Part of the problem is I have no idea what size an image is when it's posted. The ones people were complaining about were not stretching my screen at all (and I'm just on a small laptop). It makes it hard to enforce a rule. On the other hand, if an image is stretching a thread a ridiculous amount (like the one I just deleted of RootX's that almost doubled my screen size...point taken), they can be deleted and we can request reposting a smaller size.
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