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Maximum number of magnifications for a microscope

  1. Feb 7, 2004 #1
    Don't know where to post this, I hope is in the right place. What's the maximum number of magnifications that a microscope (of any class) has achieved to date? I want concrete ciphers
    For example this ETEC Autoprobe http://www.amenex.com/webpage/autprobe.htm
    achieves 5000 magnifications, though I'm sure that there are microscopes even more powerful

    Updated: The Ergonom500 optical microscope allows more than 10000 magnifications

    More updated: this page talks about a scanning electron microscope of approx. 30000 magnifications

    The environmental SEM achieves 50000 magnifications

    A TEM-CCD can achieve 200000 magnifications

    The Hitachi S-5000 can achieve 800000 magnifications. Amazing...

    "A modern electron microscope can achieve 1500000 magnifications"

    The Hitachi HD-2000 STEM achieves 5000000 magnifications

    The JEM-2010F reaches 8000000 magnifications. What a beast!
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