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Maximum possible pressure

  1. Oct 2, 2014 #1
    Hello just wondering what is the limit to a maximum pressure on earth.

    start with say a gas canister at 1000 bar. If you put that inside another canister at 1000 bar could you increased the original canister to 2000 bar now (1000 bar pressure above the outer canister)

    And keep repeating with each inner canister at a higher pressure. What is the limit to this?

    If you need to lets assume steel canister and hydrogen gas or maybe steel canister and water. Also ignore heating by adding the pressure. Eg it is done slowly so heat can escape
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    At higher and higher pressure all gases eventually liquify and then solidify. Solids are not very good at transmitting pressure.

    The highest pressure in laboratory settings are achieved using diamond anvil cells. You trap a tiny volume between the tips of
    two conical diamonds and compress this volume by pushing the diamonds together. With this you can reach megabar pressures.


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    Sure. Lets say each container needed 1ft thick walls. Five containers would give you 5000 bar and a total wall thickness of 5 foot. BUT wouldn't it be easier to build just one container with 5ft thick walls?
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