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Maximum power transfer

  1. Nov 8, 2008 #1
    hello!well i have the exercice below(attachement) and i need to find the maximum power transferred to Rl..how can i do this without even knowing the value of Rl?
    thank you

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    Write the circuit equation for the power with Rl as an unknown. Then differentiate the equation wrt Rl and equal it to zero. The value found for Rl is the one that maximizes the power transfer.
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    it is not working..can u please tell me the equation?
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    According to the rules of the forum you must show your equation and how you got it. Then we can say where you did wrong.
    Anyway, What is the current through Rl? What is the voltage across it?
    Both the current and the voltage are functions of Rl.
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