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Maximum power transfer

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    Hello everyone, I have two generators, piezoelectric and electromagnetic generator. Piezoelectrics are producing maximum voltage across 3 Mohm resistor where as EM generator is producing maximum voltage at 68 ohm. What would be the ideal load for to get the maximum output from both when combined? Thank you.
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    Welcome to the PF. Can you post a diagram of your system? Those two power sources are very different... :smile:
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    Hello Berkeman, I have attached the pic of piezoelectric generator, whereas EM generator is a simple generator with a coil of 500 turns made up of enamelled copper wire of 0.15 gauge and grade N35 Neodymium magnets. Both the transducers are assembled in an Aluminium casing which when pressed produces electric energy. Hope this will help, thank you

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    It is necessary to first ascertain how much energy each is delivering. The generators produce power with widely different source impedances and different waveforms, so there is no simple way of connecting them to efficiently utilise both sources. Using one or the other generator will give more energy.
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    Thank you Tech99 I will consider your point (Y)
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