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Maximum Speed

  1. Oct 30, 2008 #1
    http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/173/51254213vo1.jpg [Broken]


    Our professor gave us this equation: I (of P) = I (of o) + Md*d, but i don't see a way tht i can find the answer by this equation

    please Help!!!!!!!!
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    When the center of mass is at the bottom what is its change in potential energy?

    Where did the PE go?
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    so do i use energy conservation.......

    please tell me soon its due in an half our :(
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    Why not use conservation of energy?
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    my 2nd trial:

    I displaced= I shape axis + mR2

    For the cylinder Ic is
    Ic = 0.5 m R2

    Ke= 0.5 I ω^2
    the energy must be concerved when the center of rotation is changed from P to O.
    We have
    Ke(berore) =0.5 [0.5 m R2 + mR2] ω1^2 = 0.25[ 1+2] mR2ω1^2 = (3/4)mR2ω1^2
    Ke(after) =0.5 [0.5 m R2 ] ω2^2 = (1/4) mR2ω2^2 we have

    (3/4)mR2ω1^2 = (1/4) mR2ω2^2
    ω2= √[(3/4)mR2ω1^2 /(1/4) mR2 ]=ω1√ 3

    ω2= ω1√ 3

    now tell me whts wrong here...........i am not getting any value for ans??
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